Sunday, August 1, 2010 we have a MATRIX killer?

You going for a sleep, be alert.. be very very alert.

I have beeen postponding the movie several times,just cause it starred leo di caprio... I didnt much like shutter island which was a hype that time. So i thought inception wud be just another hype movie that's gonna waste my time & money..

Got a chance to watch it lately & I am glad that i was there in the theatre,

One amazing movie,that made me think if reality might be someone's dream,& i dont have a totem to believe i am not.

Just like matrix series that made me think that i might be just another program running in the matrix.

Inception really did psyche me out,what if its true,what if i am someone's projection in the dream world.why are people suddenly looking at me,why am i staring at people sometimes.

I am borrowing the inception soundtrack from the net & listening to it.Oh man i am really psyched out.

If you see me with some "totem", please dont get nervous,m just trying my way out of the dream.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Million Options, Attitude....

I was on bench lately looking for a new project where i could actually use the technology i learned & could get a hands on experience.. was provided with following choices

1. same kind of job but with 1&half month of onsite opportunity
2.same job at client place & cut off from the parent company(this project is well established & no chance of discovering anything new), you might know the pain working at client location.

rejected both... Boss says.. i have an attitude problem!!! where is attitude here? Oliver twist asked for more...was that attitude? if he was hungry & wanted more..what attitude has to do with it. If i wanted something that could get me an hands on experience..whats wrong in it.

boss says i have not upgraded my skills, nothing i have done new... showed him the cerificate... he says its a piece of paper.. its experience that matter... o really!!! paper with gandhi's photo is also a paper..asked the guy who earned it, slogging there ass for a month.

they pushed us to take the choice no 2. they say that is the only option... when did that become an option,when there is only one choice???

Stinker came to us saying that we were given a million options & still these guys are not taking it up... Hope somebody at oxford dictonary is paying attention here... new defination of a million is two... please update the dictonary..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kung Fu Jong / Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin soccer seems to be a reality now.
Thanks to "Nigel De Jong" for the foundation stone in the world cup finals.

Pic: BBC Sport

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Argentina...!!! what were you thinking.???

You lost to the germans again... just like last year....

Not your fault.. they played well..

I will never support you again & wont let my kids to support you either.
bye bye Urge..antenna.

You just lost another fan..!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Big Bang Theory + DSP Black = Yeah..!!!!

Its... a loooooooong time , i posted anything on the blog.... Nothing much happened in life in past 1 year ( read it "was too lazy") to write about.
Was having DSP & no good movies to watch, remembered about the second season of B B T lying on my hard disk .

One word...
Awesome combo....!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008